Employment Medicals

aviation medicals

Aviation medical focuses on the interaction between the aviation environment and its impact on the human body and performance. To commence a career in the aviation industry, all pilots, air traffic controllers and other aviation-specific positions must obtain an Aviation Medical Certificate specific to their role and responsibilities to ensure aviation safety and protection. We can also address the health issues of pilots, flight crew, flight passengers, air traffic controllers and staff who work on airports and airfields

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Screening for alcohol and other drugs is designed to prevent the serious risk to health, safety, and workplace productivity.

Employment Medicals

Employment Medical assessments are carried out to ensure an employee is fit to work in specific setting, can fulfil the requirements of the role and to ensure they are not at increased risk of injury to themselves and others.
The medical assessment involves completing a medical history questionnaire and a general medical examination. The assessment may involve a chest x-ray, blood test, urine drug screen, audiometry (hearing test), spirometry (lung test), manual handling assessment, fitness test, or ECG.
A medical assessment is NOT to treat health issues, but our practitioner will provide you with a referral to your regular GP should this be necessary. A medical assessment can take up to 2 hours.
We offer a range of Pre-Employment, Specialised and Legislative Medical Assessments.
Pre-employment Medical
Provides a baseline health assessment for a worker before they start a role with an employer. The assessment identifies whether a worker is medically suitable for the role they are applying for. The types of tests administered vary depending on the type of work and the employer.
Specialised Medicals
Aviation Medicals
Rail Medical
Commercial Drivers Medical
Coalboard Medicals (QLD)
Legislative Medical
We provide a total solution for industries requiring legislative medicals. From legislated employment medicals, injury management support and fitness for duty assessments, we are your comprehensive healthcare provider to keep your business moving.

Injury Prevention and Management Services

Job Task Analysis – we understand the breakdown of the skills and demands specific to a particular task, role or duties within the workplace.
In conjunction with IntuitWorks we offer a complete injury management service focusing on prevention, treatment and return to work coordination. This can be provided in clinic or on-site.
Suitable Duties Register – we can provide short-term work duties agreed between the employer, the injured worker and treating doctor, to assist the injured worker’s rehabilitation and contribute positively to your workplace.

Workplace FLU Vaccinations

Prevent the spread of flu in the workplace by getting your workers vaccinated. Contact us to arrange an in clinic or on-site flu shot for your staff.

Workplace Skin Checks

We provide you with the convenience of through skin check on-site conducted by our doctor who will advise about any abnormal skin lesions. If further treatment is needed, your employee will be given a recommendation letter to take to your doctor for future management or you can visit Mont Health Medical centre. Our doctors will also give specific advice to employees to reduce their risk of skin cancer.
In the workplace a wide variety of agents may cause irritation, sensitisation, infection, discolouration, or other skin changes e.g. dermatitis, eczema. We can provide you with action plan for treatment and prevention .


Two easy options
  • Photo Identification with your full name and date of birth e.g. driver’s license, passport or government ID
  • Prescription glasses or contact lenses if worn
  • Hearing aids if used
  • Prescription and/or non-prescription medication list you may have taken in the last 30 days
  • Current medical records for any health conditions you may have
  • Vaccination records if available
  • The length of the assessment will depend upon the complexity of the assessment
    1 hour – Basic Medical
    1.5 hours – Standard Medical (inc drug & alcohol, audiometry and spirometry)
    2 hours – Complex Medical (inc DAS, audiometry, spirometry and musculoskeletal & fitness)
We encourage you to wear loose comfortable clothing and closed footwear, e.g. runners
  • Arrive 10 mins before appointment
    It is recommended that you arrive 10 mins before your appointment to ensure you have enough time to complete all necessary paperwork required.
  • Complete a questionnaire
    Upon arrival you will be asked to present your photo ID and complete a questionnaire related to your medical history about your physical and mental health.
  • Basic screening
    The nurse will conduct a basic assessment which can include blood pressure, height, weight, vision, hearing, and urinalysis.
  • Doctor assessment
    The doctor will review your medical history questionnaire, vision, oral and er, respiratory, cardiovascular, abdominal, skin, nervous and basic musculoskeletal
*During the assessment you may be required to remove items of clothing down to your underwear. You may request a gown and/or a chaperone.


Once all services have been completed and the results reviewed by the assessing doctor, a final determination will be sent to the requestor of the assessment, within 24-48 hours.


24 hours’ notice (business hours) is required for appointments that need to be cancelled or reschedule.
Non-attendance fee will be charged for missed appointments or late cancellations (less than 24 hours’ notice)
To cancel or reschedule this booking, please contact Mont Health Northgate on PH: 3557 0800 or email: reception@monthealthnorthgate.com.au